Farid Book Stall was founded to publish books and to deliver them to the people of the world, to gain knowledge of Islam and its related history, struggle, literature, Aquaid and Tafaseer in the light of the Quran & Hadees that are based on true Islamic thoughts.
Syed Hassan AbdulQadir Gillani

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Farid Book Stall is an iconic book store. It is located in the Urdu Bazar of Lahore and has been serving the people of Pakistan for over 50 years. The store stocks a wide range of Islamic books and is also a popular destination for students looking for affordable Islamic textbooks. You will always find the staff helpful and knowledgeable, and will not have any problems finding the books need. In addition, the store often has special offers and discounts, which makes it even more attractive for budget-conscious shoppers. Overall, Farid Book Stall is a great book store that is highly recommended to anyone living in or visiting Lahore.

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